Our Quest For Exceptional

We are interested in stories and tales of a unique nature and circumstance.  Historical settings are always a plus, with fiction laying atop a tumultuous event.  Genre blending and crossing are attractive also, as long as the characters and environment mesh with the plot – mystical and supernatural elements shadowing a theme, even more so.  None of these are required of course, a great story is just that and can emerge from any setting

What we are not interested in may be easier to explain.  We have no negative or insensitive intentions here.  It is simply that our focus on genre and content is narrow and the following subject matter is well represented in many other forums.

We are not interested in coming out, pseudo memoir, LGBTQIA trauma, daddy issues, social statements or propaganda, current political memes or eccentric philosophical interpretations, ludicrous sex and mindless violence.  Not to say that any of these criteria can’t cross paths with a good story – quite often they do – we just lose interest when this type of plot base tries to define one.  

That said, surprise us.    



If you think we might be on the same page or are interested in our opinion of your writing effort, please send it over and we will have a look.  How we might get involved will depend on the materials of course.

All most any chance to enjoy and evaluate a great manuscript is exciting for us. . .  This is the right way to interact with our schedule.  Time is our most precious resource.

Word or Libre files are nice, PDFs are okay.  Submissions must not have fonts embedded, embedded fonts make the file very large.  Most 400 page Word files, not embedded, use less than 1MB.   We will accept a description, a few pages, a few chapters or the complete work. 

The manuscript MUST be complete.  Complete means finished, edited, refined, polished and ready for submission just short of the final proof examination that is always required before pushing the Ingram Spark button.   12 to 14 pt common font – Garamond, Cambria, Arial and the like – are preferred.  Any submissions, upon a quick review, having typos, poor spelling, disjointed paragraphs or a sloppy presentation is quickly purged from our system.  We hope we don’t miss a great story for these reasons.  We will try to send some sort of response within days, but it could take much longer.  You can submit right here adam@dynaformpublish.com or from the services or Purchases & Buy Backs page.