Services & Considerations



We are a small publisher, three people actually, and we are not motivated by volume.  We are interested in working with independent authors, published or not, and providing them assistance with the process.  

This can include:

Copy and proof editing with interior formatting. 

Cover design, including blurbs, accolades and descriptions. 

Online exposure and sales on this site with your own page, email and contact information. 

We can possibly provide other assistance with self or independent publishing considerations – When in doubt, ask.


We do not offer:

Developmental, style or line editing.

Marketing campaigns or distribution avenues.



Adam Cliff is an author and manager of Dynaform Publish.  He is the first person you will have contact with if you submit something or have a question.


Rebecca Proctor Wempe is an attorney, a CPA, and a few other credentials.  She is an editor with exceptional skill and an avid reader.  Her input and evaluations on a project are rarely, if ever, questioned.